Welcome to the Corner House Classroom

Below you will find more information about the work we do to teach and support d/Deaf & Hard of Hearing children and young people who are patients at Corner House.


While you are in hospital, you will go to Corner House School.

Meet the Team

Sophie is a Teacher of the Deaf and our SENCO (special needs coordinator).  She loves teaching English and maths, she likes learning languages and she enjoys sewing.

Claire is an Educational Care Coordinator. She teaches BSL and Deaf studies and leads our Forest School sessions once a week. Claire loves being outdoors and spending time with friends.

The Classroom

We are really friendly and we want to help you do well in your school subjects.  

We will communicate with you however you want – we all know BSL, and we all speak English.  

We think that reading and writing is very important and we make sure that you are learning lots of new words that you can use every day.

Corner House School is different from your home school because we have students of different ages in the same classroom.

We talk to your home school to find out what you study and we teach the same things.  We know that being in hospital can be worrying and we don’t want you to miss out or feel worried that you are behind in your learning.

It is really important to get exam qualifications and sometimes we encourage our students to do exams – only if we think you are ready!  We don’t want school to be a stressful place, we want you to feel comfortable here.

You will learn lots of different subjects – for example, English, maths, science, BSL, cooking, creative arts and PSHE.  You will also go to Forest School once a week.  This is where you go out onto the hospital grounds to learn in nature.  Lots of students say it is fun!  

If there is something you want to learn, let us know! We have taught students cycling proficiency and driving theory before!

We are looking forward to meeting you and having you in our classroom.


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